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Burasca 1200

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Burasca is a research and design project employed on a concept motorbike: Aldo Drudi manages a creative team for what he defines “a fine style practice”.

Ideas flying high, light in the air, as if they were white clouds: Air Garage arises in Rimini, on the beautiful city museum terrace, a place made up of a restored container and an inflatable structure made with recycled materials. 70 square meters where capable experts can set their passion free, searching for that detail which combines innovation and technique.

Everything begins with a white paper, a pencil lays on it. The hand begins to draw: the method is ancient and handcrafted, the pencil line becomes 3D and reported on a workstation where the motorcycle volumes will be defined. Paolo Picchi is the 3D development and style manager. Professionally raised beside master Massimo Tamburini, Picchi is determined in his incessant search for perfection.
The project can count on excellent partners, their task is as difficult as is important: turning their dream into noble material, through high quality, innovation and reliability, features that have always distinguished them.

Expert hands, hands that have worked on racetracks and known pilots, that manage the assembly of several works made of carbon and titanium, that will make sure a burst of rumbles in the air, a din designed by Burasca.

Each day a new page, the story has begun but it is not over yet. Everything is told with pictures and videos, and promises to be a beautiful story of research, design and passion.

Burasca is coming.

Aldo Drudi: project director
Paolo Picchi: sviluppo 3D development/ style
Giuseppe De Gruttola: assembly
Stefano Marchi e Davide Degli Innocenti: graphics and coloring
Marco Poderi, Giulia Gioacchini: comunicazione multimediale
Alessandro Moschetti: web-development